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Learn about gold, diamonds, platinum and silver
Sell Platinum at Just Pawn Chicago

Platinum is one of the ratest metals on Earth. It is often traded in ingot, bar or in coin form.

Jewelery is also made from platinum, containing anywhere from 85% to 95% platinum. Jewelry may be marked as "Pt" or as "Plat". For example, a piece of jewelry containing 90% platinum More...

Gold Coins of the World. A Guide to Gold Coins Is it a Gold Coin? What is my Gold Coin Worth

Is it a Gold Coin? What is my Gold Coin Worth?

eagle coin

$50 Gold Eagle

Gold Bullion Coin of the United States of America
Minted from 1986 to present
Gold composition: 22K (karat) gold: 91.67% gold, 3% silver, 5.33% copper

What is sterling silver? A guide to silver purity Silver purity guide for common types of silver

At Just Pawn Chicago, we pay cash for silver. Before you sell your silver, it's important to know what you've got. The spot price for silver is for pure silver. Most jewelry is not made of pure silver; it is made More...

Gold alloy guide. What metals are in my gold jewelery? What you should know before you sell your gold.

24k gold is very soft. As such gold is usually mixed with base metals when making jewelry (see the post below explaining the karat system). The metals are mixed to create what is called an alloy.

Gold may be mixed with copper, silver, palladium, zinc, nickel or other metals. While pure More...

Is dental gold worth anything? Find out how much gold is in dental gold: a guide for buying and selling dental gold in Chicagot

Sometimes, people bring in dental gold to sell or pawn and ask, "how much is dental gold worth?". While usually not marked, dental gold ranges from 10k up to 17k or 18k. Depending on age of the dental gold, the alloy may More...

What is 14k gold? The gold karat system: a guide for buying and selling gold in Chicago, whats a carat?

At Just Pawn Chicago, we often get asked the difference between 14K and 18K gold. Here?s how to understand the karat system used in the US and Canada.

Karats are measurements of purity in relation to the mass of an object. Visualize a scale of 1 to 24; 24 is More...

What is a diamond carat? A guide for buying and selling diamonds in Chicago, What's a carat?

A carat is a unit of weight that is used to measure the mass of gem stones and pearls. 1 carat = 200mg. The word "carat" comes to English from the Greek and Arabic words for "carob seeds" Way back when, traders used carob seeds as a balance on their More...

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