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Just Pawn Chicago 4509 N. Sheridan Rd Chicago, IL 60640 773-275-4677
How to Pawn

Just Pawn Chicago offers customers the opportunity to sell their valuables or use them as collateral for a confidential loan. After examining your items in person at one of our pawn shop locations, a value will be assigned to the item. You must come in to our store to get an offer; We cannot give offers over the phone or internet.

If you choose to get a loan, you can come back for the item. Once you pay the original loan amount and any interest accrued, you can get your item back. Loans can be for one month, three months or more. The average customer will take out a three month pawn loan.

If you choose to sell your item, Just Pawn will pay a little more for it. If you sell the item, you have no right to redeem it.

Either way, sell or loan, Just Pawn will always pay you cash for you gold and valuables!

Just Pawn Chicago is licensed by the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois.

Sell Gold and Diamonds in Chicago, IL

At Just Pawn Chicago, we will buy or give a loan on any item of value. We pay the best prices for gold and diamonds in Chicago. At Just Pawn, you can,

Sell scrap
gold in Chicago
Sell gold watches
Sell broken gold
Sell class rings
Sell gold necklaces
Sell wedding rings
Sell gold lighters
Sell junk gold
Sell gold bracelets
Sell scrap gold watches
Sell scrap dental gold
Sell old dental gold
Sell sterling silver
Sell scrap silver
Sell silver bars
Sell silver coins
Sell silver bullion
Sell diamonds
Sell diamond jewelery
Sell antique jewelry
Sell paper money
Sell gold coins
Sell gold bars
Sell gold bullion
Sell platinum
Sell scrap Platinum
Sell silverware
Sell old or junk silverware
Sell silver candlesticks
Sell designer jewelry
Sell US proof and mint sets
Sell estate jewelry
Sell antiques
Sell luxury watches
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